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Default Re: Embarrassing OCD Habits

Oh gosh! Well, there are a few things. The biggest one is probably that i always have to touch things right in the middle and if i cant touch it, i have to look right at the middle and if i dont, i feel like im going to die. Also, if im typing on a computer and my finger doesnt fit directly in the center of the key, i have to delete the whole word and start over again.
Another thing i do is that i sometimes get the urge to say things more than once, even if its not needed or else something bad is going to happen. :/ Certain things have to be at even numbers, like the tv volume or the amount of breaths i take in a minute.
Also, if one part of my body is touched in a certain spot, i have to do it on the other side as well, with the same amount of pressure and if i cant get it right, i get mad and hit that area :S
OH And one final thing is that whenever i pass a bathroom with an open door, i have to close it or else i get really panicky.

AAAAH. I hate being OCD!!!!

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