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Default Binge eating disorder.

First of all, i am over-weight. But only by a small amount. 'Extra baggage' as some people would say. But today, i realised that i do binge eat alot. And afterwards i do feel miserable about going on the binge. I also realised i have been doing this for quite some time (1 year or so) and never really looked into it.

Anyway, i went to Google and checked out "Binge Eating Disorder" and found a few interesting sites. I took some of the info from the site to post here:

Someone with a binge eating problem might:

- eat much more rapidly than normal
- eat until uncomfortably full
- eat large amounts of food even when not hungry
- eat alone because of embarrassment
- feel disgusted, depressed, or guilty after a binge eating episode
- gain weight excessively

After reading this, and more, i realised that i may have BED. All of these points represent me and binge eating. I do gain weight excessively, but lose it due to exercise. Im thinking of just doing something about it myself without telling anybody first to see if it works. And if not, i might go see a doctor.

Anyway, what would you all reccomend? Thanks in advance.
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