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Default I cut some more today ... >.<

Had a really bad day at school ... there's a click of girls who've decided they hate me and are hassling me at school and are leaving nasty messages on my Bebo etc. o.O And my Religious Ed teacher (I got to a private Catholic school -_-) made me go to the office and take off my makeup, which for some reason really pissed me off ... so I just wandered around for half an hour before going back to class, where I got in trouble.
Oh, and my phone died over the weekend, so I never got the message my bf was breaking up with me (which doesn't bug me, we've been on and off again for a while) via text message (which I think is cowardly and scummy). And I only found out he had (broken up with me) when I heard some guy from his year (year above me at school) talking about it during study period today.
That and other stuff ... I really feel like crap right now. >.< Sorry for ranting, guys ...
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