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1. During an an ejaculation, should all cum shoot right out into the air? Because with me it does that once then the rest goes over the penis..

this depends on how long it's been since i last masturbated but usually i shoot like once or twice then it just dribbles. i went to camp for a week last year and didn't masturbate then i came home and masturbated and it shot a lot. also if i masturbate like a third time it dribbles out and doesn't shoot at all.

2. How long should it take for all the cum to come out? I mean theres sorta the main part of the ejaculation, but then about 5 minutes later, I can be at the toilet "cleaning up" and a little more will come out, is this wrong or right?

yea this is normal, i think it happens to everyone. i usually pee after i masturbate to clean everything out.

hope that helps
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