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Default Re: Calling All Counter Strike Source Players

Originally Posted by JackDaniels View Post
i'll have a counter-strike: source server up and running soon at home, used to have it on all the time, but kinda redid windows and never got round to bringing it back online lol - i got a few mates that like to play in the server and even a couple of ICT admins at school play in it lol

so ye... wen its up and running again...i'll post the IP and you can come and join in
Psh, using Windows to serve your CS:S Server. Haha.

Obviously you should have a dedicated Linux server doing that.

I can't stand the normal CS:S game play anymore. Once I found a server that had the DM mod installed, I haven't played the normal gameplay but once or twice since. I'm running the DM Mod on my server as well.

- Bill
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