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Originally Posted by mynameisjane View Post
i go to porn sites every once in a while. at first i thought it was gross and wierd, but i kept going back because i was curious. then i started masterbating to porn. i had a friend that did so i didnt think it was that strange. then i met this guy who is obsessed with porn and he is into every kind and every fetish and he's always talking about sex and porn and he's the hugest pervert. he said its not his fault because he had a perverted friend that got him into that kinda stuff. of course, he coulda stopped himself. and everyone knows he's a pervert and they think he only wants sex so no one will date him. so i'm worried that i could end up like him. should i limit the amout of time i spend watching porn? i mean, i can only watch so much porn before i start feeling dirty but i dont want to start wanting it more because i watch it much more than the first time i saw it.
as long as ur not like "omg!! i love ****jobs!! there my favorite of all the fetishes i have" i could care less, cuz then il have company to watch with me =]

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