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Default Whats Happenin O.o

well iv moved house as some of you who actually cared might know -.-' and things have changed... before i moved i could have a laugh with ppl, be myself, have no problem talkin to girls and could stand up for myself.. so know iv moved and everythings different.. i never talk.. i feel like if i do then i dunnno its weird.. but ye most importantly talkni to girls.. i use to be able to talk to any girl i liked.. but know theres this girl at my school.. she's exactly like me (music and stuff like that) and i cant even talk to her O.o.. i mean she says hi and trys to talk to me all the time but i just sorta like smile.. its weird.. i dunno maybe its cuz im still settling into the school.. but iv been there for 7 weeks :/.. or i have no self confidence even though theres nothin to explain that..

please help guys.. seriously.. cheers

- - ***JG***/ Josh-O..
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