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Yup, it could be called pre-semen, but it is not precum! Precum happens only occasionally before orgasm.

Originally Posted by DVSlakai View Post
What does sperm look like? Because I have been masturbating for a while and when I orgasm stuff comes out but it doesnt seem like sperm to me. Its like a clear liquid color. Could I get a girl pregnant with it?
Sperm is basically whitish. You can look semen up on Wikpedia - only educational pictures there.

Your balls just aren't producing enough sperm to make your semen white (semen is the stuff sperm travels in, and semen is produced primarily by your prostate). It'll turn white once you're further into puberty.

You can get a girl pregnant with clear semen - it does have some sperm, just not enough to make it appear white. Remember, it only takes 1 sperm to get a girl pregnant!
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