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Default Re: Am I a Loser in Dating?

personally, i like guys who express at least a little some sort of style. it just makes them more interesting. thats not to say they have to look rich, just a little creative. and if you really cared, youd get a job and buy what you wanted.

as far as the game, personally, i would not date a guy if i thought he would pay more attention to his game than me. as long as you dont let the ladies know that youre addicted to the game you should be fine. and when you get a girlfriend, always put her before the game. that means if she's calling, pause the game. if she wants to hang out than you have to stop playing and give all your attention to her. if you dont, she'll dump you and tell all her friends what a nerd you are.

btw, its WoW, isnt it? i've seen that game ruin some good relationships.
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