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Default Re: Padded Push-Up Bras

Well, I have only one push up bra. I wore it for a while, and it really wasn't for other people to notice me. It was in fact about my self confidence and such. However, I only wear certain bras under certain shirts because different shirts make you look different (whether its mental or not).
Anyways, I understand your point about how it makes you look physically. You are correct with the point "it shouldn't matter if the guy really likes your personality." Because it shouldn't. Its not a big deal whether you wear one or not. Only how it makes YOU feel. Its about comfort and fitting well too. And I say go for it. You have nothing to lose quite honestly. If it makes you feel sexier, than its a benefit! But you shouldn't necessarily expect it to make some hot guy just automatically be attracted to you. Don't worry about your real boob size with guys until you're with the right one and you're comfortable enough with yourself.
It's all really about your self confidence. You shouldn't be sharing your body with others until you're ready to acccept your own. At least that's how it is with me, and I'm finally feeling that this year with my current boyfriend. He's not judgemental with me and likes me for who I am. He even doesnt want me to wear make up!
It's all up to you though...
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