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Originally Posted by Patchy View Post
I masterbate in bed and in the shower sometimes just try it with like ur boxers at ur knees so if she comes in u can pull ur boxers/pants up quickly
do you just let your cum hit the sheets and just sleep in it or do you clean up or something??

Originally Posted by NintendoFanboy View Post
You're right! Oh, and, that won't work for me, I have a little 8 year old brother. Through I do pull my penis out and spitstroke to some things on teh interwebs soemtiems... when I KNOW they're not coming in. But my bro doesn't go to sleep until around 12:00-1:00 AM. Oh, and I wear briefs. yeah. I'm not kewl.
well,dude for now i would just stick to times when you for sure your alone(E.i.bathroom)
and when your brother gets a little older(about 12-13)you can teach him to masturbate,and you can do it together.
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