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Originally Posted by saintersin2007 View Post
Question, is shaving your pubes normal, i am 15, and have not shaved them yet, but am wondering if ppl do, im from Australia, so please state your country, if u can, but yer, i have about a 3 - 5 cm growth, so im wondering if i do or dont

also, if you do do it, what length of pubes would you shave/cut at??
I'm from Sydney, Australia, been shaving my pubes since the age of 14 and I shave them as soon as they grow even just a little bit. Love to keep everything neat and tidy and smooth down there. With long pubic hair you should get a small electric shaver and be extra careful, use the electric shaver to shave off most of the thick stuff and then when there's only a little hair left you can shave it. When shaving be extra careful.
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