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Default Re: i think my penis is to big

Originally Posted by Cap'nCrunch View Post
I completely disagree with you. 6.5 would be a quite large penis.
6.5 would be a little bit above average, although it is not 'quite' large. I was a little wrong on the fact that it's higher middle of average, more like high average, although the average penis range is 5 inches to 7 inches and I have more than 2 resorces.

Edit: I have read some Kinsey reports and studies. Alfred Kinsey was supposedly a leading and raw (meaning kinda graphic) sexologist. He has had people measure guys from all over the country. In one of his institutes studies, he measured white college men (no racism folks ) and came to the conculsion from the set of data that the average size for that age range was 6.16 inches. Some recent (but MUCH smaller) studies have shown the size to be approx 5.4 inches.

It's inconclusive, although I will still believe that 6.5 inches isn't a large penis, but an average one. In fact, 5.5 to 7ish (I mean ish as in less) is my personal approximation for the average size nothing in that range is considered (to me) big or small. It might be 'slightly bigger' or 'more on the bigger end of the scope', but I wouldn't use the word 'quite'...

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