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Originally Posted by clarinutty99 View Post
It actually has, and, if you think about it you can figure out that it's true. The muscles are connected to the bone. Muscle doesn't like to stretch. If you have a lot of muscle, that's a lot more resistance to stretching.
Please send me a link to where you know this and found it out, 'cause I searched Google, asked my weight training coach, and asked my mom who was an EMT and they all say no. Seriously, I'd like to see the link =]

+ muscle can be built by raw exercise, which that hasn't stopped anyone from getting taller. Sitting around and not building muscle won't make you taller. In fact, it'll make you wider.

Originally Posted by JacksonMyChemiclRomance View Post
Where do u learn all this stuff pritty much in all ur posts u have somethin intelegent to say not like anybody else ive seen thanks for the knowlege.

Hail to the extremely wise people,
lol thx, but I look it up (find more than 3 resources) and ask my mom about some things (not all) and I use my intuition based on other things I know. I'm just really interested in knowing this stuff so I take the time to learn about it
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