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Originally Posted by DouggyO.o View Post
well that sucks cuz im using a modem to connect to a router( wireless internet)
You mean, Like this?

Computer --> Router --> Modem --> Internet ??

In that setup, it depends on how the modem is configured. Some of them automatically forward everything to the router, and let the router configure everything. Some of them, like mine, you have to actually get into the configuration of the Modem and set it up to forward all the ports to the Router if you want to use it easily. (That means, looking for an option that is worded similar to "NAT server." The NAT server would then be the address of the Router. Once that's set up, you'd have to get into the configuration of the Router, and look for port forwarding, and point Port 27015 to your CSS Server's IP Address.

If you need help setting up port forwarding on your Modem, you might try calling your ISP. They'd probably help you. My friend did that with his SBC DSL a little while back, and they helped him through the setup over the phone.

Once you figure out whether or not the Modem is set up correctly for it, the Router's configuration for Port forwarding is probably on that website.

If you can get all that set up, which may sound complicated, but really once you do it, isn't, all you need then, is to find out your Public IP Address ( and either give us that address to connect to VS your 192.168.1.x address, or download and install No-IP ( which will allow you to have an address like or, or whatever else. They give you a few different options of the domains to have your subdomain under. It's free, basically, it just updates from your computer to the site what your Public IP Address is, then makes it so your address you choose ( or whatever) forwards to your IP Address. It's useful if your IP Address changes all the time, but not something you have to do.

EDIT: Added another Paragraph at the End.

- Bill

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