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Originally Posted by orchdork View Post
Your not abusing your simply doing your job! Lmao!

I have never tried because there is nothing to hack and plus our whole school is Apple and then everything is through Novel so its really not worth the time.
Of course I am. But, it's a good thing. I don't theoretically have to go to some of the lengths I do, but it's fun, so I have to.

Near the end of this School year, I decided to go through the proxy logs for like the days of May 7-11th and made a list of anyone who had used a proxy site to bypass the filters, and shut their Internet off for I believe 15 days. Technically, I'm supposed to do that for anything that ISN'T school related usage, but I'm usually pretty lenient. I will, and do watch and block in realtime any game sites that students are accessing, but I don't report them or turn their internet off for games, usually. I do do it for bypassing the filters, or viewing porn at school.

We use Novell. Some kid a couple years ago sat down at the computer teacher's computer, while they were out of the room, and had ConsoleOne opened, and gave themselves Administrative access to a lot of things, and then created a trail by creating text files in all their friend's userspaces telling them who it was, and something along the lines of "haha I've h4x0r3d your accountz!?11oneoneone1!!"

Needless to say, he was caught really fast, and I believe, suspended for a while. That was before I was there.

I can't even understand why that guy has ConsoleOne, OR administrative rights. No other computer teacher in the district does. And, he definitely shouldn't. But, he's been there for I believe 39 years this year. So, I don't know what gave them the idea to give it to him. At least, he's actually retiring this year after saying he'd retire for the past like decade every year, this one is for real.

- Bill
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