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Default Re: The Bible :: Gay Debate

Originally Posted by redcar View Post
The reason for that is because it was not written by one person but by a whole heap of people over time. There is bound to be discrepencies.

thats a very good point alex, and the same point i was trying to make, although poorly, in the post before. the last thing i will say on this matter is that God designed us to have romantic/sexual relationships with people of the oppostie sex. and even if the story of johnathon and david is interpreted as a homosexual relationship, then it should be assumed that david and johnathon have sinned by engaging in these actions. but i stand by what i have said from the start and that johnathon and david were very good friends and loved eachother in brotherly/friendly love, and not romantic love. and i don't think anything that anyone else could say would change my mind.


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