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-----6/16/07 04:35PM PST
Thay came to my house today!!!!!!!
I thart I was going to die!!!
My **** came to the door help b4 I die !
Wow this is the wors day of my life!
And now she/he know I know some one !
Give me some help!
-----6/16/07 04:57PM PST
The 3 girls I was talking to outside to day came to my house to day I got so scared that my **Idont want to sey) came to the door nowit know but I dont know how you can help me.
Why if I want to go back and chang my not in delete the nte
See that now note does not have a O in it? and I cant fix that.
----- 6/17/07 09:33AM PST
Will it's ok now I got over it Will with we did was wight notes back and 4th.

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