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Default Weird feelings/emotions.


ok well i dono if this is the place to post but i cant really find a better place here on VT.

ok so... well this is actually really stupid and embarrassing .

here goes... Im now 16 and im a guy..straight. recently i started to actually like romance movies lol. Well is it normal for a guy to like these type of movies? I like it because when i watch it i get this weird feeling inside its hard to describe it. Like a feeling of wanting to be in love(i know some of you may be LOLing by now) and that id rather have a life like the characters in the movie than my current life. WTF is wrong with me? i dont think this is normal. I like my life. maybe im just lonely or something ? lol.

btw i just read all of that again before posting this topic and it sounds reeeeaaalllly stupid to me lol but here goes.

If you can reply to this please do.

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