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Originally Posted by mmc deadly View Post
Yeah ive done it, its basic shit. If you had any knowledge of hacking you should be able to yourselfwork it out yourself, why u wana hack it?
I never said i hadnt done anything to the school computers.

I wrote some vbscripts and made error messages pop up on random computers, using a batch file I got command prompt and gave myself administrators privaleges. With admin privaleges I shut down random computers in the middel of classes and mucked about on the network a bit. I found the SAM file and uncoded it giving me everyones usernames and passwords even the teachers which was very useful.

In the end the teachers did catch me because the IT teacher guessed it was me and scanned my acount. I got banned from using school computers for a year but I made friends with the new administrator and helped him makesure no one could do it again. I left school last week but they have offered me a job however I am not taking it instead I am studying more about programming at college.
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