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Default Re: ** Post ALL Masturbation Questions HERE **

Originally Posted by soccersam697 View Post
So im a 14 year old boy that recently started to hit puberty. Ive began masturbating but I've never actually came. i always end up pissing, is that weird or normal? I get eroused and turned on but never produce semen, as you can tell I'm a noob.
So i guess my questions are how do you masturbate?
Where should i masturbate, in the shower?
What should i use, can i use the lube thats just in like the metal container, its called heavy duty lube, is that not what i want?
Is porn how you get eroused/good websites?
what other ways could i get eroused?
How long should it take to cum?
How much should come out?
Is there any other advice that would help me?

Any and all advice would be appreciated
i just masturbate normally hand over ur dick up and down u should masturbate in your bedroom with the tv on or music or something so no one can hear you and with your door locked u can use spit for lube you should watch porn on link removed it should take between 1-20 mins if ur just strting puberty

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