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Depends on how you Define Hacking. My school's network was about the least secure I've ever seen. All the security (Aside from the File access permissions on the server) was controlled via the local workstation. All the internet Filtering, rights, etc. Everything. So, basically, you could bring in an XP or Linux Live CD, and boot off it, and have full access to the Internet, unfiltered, and the to the local computer. You could also bring in your laptop, and connect to the network just by plugging into the Network Drop. It assigned everything via DHCP, so you plugged in, you had full internet access, not logged, or anything.

I don't really consider that "Hacking" in the normal Sense, but theoretically, it is. I haven't gone for anything more, there was no need to.

I work in a school district now (Started there last year of HS as a paid internship) in the Tech department, and their network is set up a lot better. Everything's controlled by the Server, Firewall, or something else. Not the Local Workstation. You have to be logged into Novell to access anything on the network, including the Internet. Granted, there is a way to bypass the proxy and internet filtering, but only a few people know how to do it, mainly the Tech department.

Everything's logged by default. So, I could go in, and look up your activity on the Network or Internet if I wanted. Just for fun, I periodically go through the proxy logs finding students that are using internet proxies, or accessing sites that are against the AUP they signed, and get them kicked off the internet for a couple weeks, including a conference with the principal, or Suspension depending on the situation.

I set up the local workstations to have Full rights to the local computer. I don't care what they do to the computer, it doesn't matter. Everything gets restored to a preset configuration everytime they reboot either way. Everyone is the Administrator of their Local Workstation. I had a time where I disabled Wallpaper changing just for the fun of it, and I also shut off Windows Messenging, because the Students found out that existed. Now, if they attempt to send a message, a message box pops up saying:

Granted, It's just there to scare them. Nothing is sent to us telling us that it was done. It's just funny. I got bored, so I wrote it, and distributed it to all the computers.

You wouldn't like me if I was working in your district. I mess with the kids all the time. I can watch all of the computer screens in the Labs from my laptop and remote control them easily. There were several occasions where I just sat at watched the traffic for a while, and realtime blocked sites that they were using that they shouldn't be. Mainly, gaming sites, and proxies. So, they'd refresh, or try to play another game, and it'd say "Error 403 Forbidden."

There were two instances where I found a word document of proxy sites that worked in the district, that hadn't been blocked on student's userspaces. I added both lists to the block list, and edited the word document and erased the URLs on one, and left the other, but appended "Thank you for aiding the Tech Department in preventing access to sites which have been deemed inappropiate for school use. We thank you for your efforts."

It's quite funny. I'm not sure how they see it. I really don't care. One of the kids said they had won against the Tech department, because they could still find sites that weren't blocked. And, another said that no, they hadn't, because I had gotten tired of it and just shut off their entire internet access. You can't block everything, but I can sure try. Haha.

There's also been instances when I see that someone's going to do something that they shouldn't be. Like, searching google for how to bypass proxies. One time, instead of banning them from the internet, I saw them getting ready to do it, and sent them a message saying "I wouldn't do that if I were you." And, they closed right out of it.

There was another instance where someone was caught searching Google Images for Pornography. I watched them for a minute, took a few screenshots to present as evidence, then sent them a message saying "You ARE being WATCHED." They started moving their mouse all over like crazy, and closed the browser, and went to google images and started searching for Bikes, like nothing had happened. I then sent an instant message to the teacher in the classroom and said "Go remove <INSERT KIDS NAME HERE> from the computer, he's looking at porn." And, the computer suddenly turns off, and he gets in a lot of trouble.

Sometimes students bring in BattleField 1942, or UT2004, and play a LAN game in the class. I've had instances where I just highlight all the offenders, and power off their computers, or reboot them.

Yes, I abuse my Powers.

- Bill

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