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Originally Posted by lonelyboy15
Correct me if I'm wrong but people can come but still not feel an orgasm... right?
Yeah, tho if you happen to force the cum back inside or make it not come out, that's very unhealthy.

Originally Posted by lonelyboy15
I think that male anal sex is disgusting
Meh, it's ok. I'm gay and I think it's alright sometimes. Some gay guys hate anal.

The urges are all a part of puberty. Your hormones make you think weird things...which in this case, weird is perfectly normal 0.o

Originally Posted by lonelyboy15
Also due to curiosity I recently tried anal masturbation. I didn't really enjoy it but my penis did have a little erection, not a full one though. In fact just looking back on it makes me feel quite awkward and uncomfortable. I probably wont try it again because afterwards I feel very gross and nasty. Is that even normal for 13-15 year old boys to be trying?
Anal masturbation is perfectly normal for all guys to try, whether your first time is 11 or 56.

Anal masturbation does not make you gay - some straight guys like being fingered by their girlfriends.

You sound like a normal straight guy going through puberty. You may turn out bi - but in any case, that's fine! The urges to do things are very common and you might keep going back to it. Do whatever feels comfortable for you and makes you feel good! There's nothing you have to stop! =]

+only you will know whether you're gay or not. We can't tell you.
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