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Guys, I think he means to remove the traces of sperm - like white spots on the carpet etc
Sperm can contain some germs/bacteria after ejaculating as you may not precum and not wash out the left-over residue from urine.

Well basically you can remove semen from anywhere with warm water. I don't know of any 'exeptionally good' soaps for this.

Personally, I don't believe the sister thing.
Some people can be allergic to semen, altho it is pretty rare. As long as you don't have an STD/STI, your sperm shouldn't make anyone sick.

All body parts are used for sex. So the body would have to be immune to sperm!

Originally Posted by 0=
Unless you have an STD or a urinary tract infection your semen should be clean.
Not exactly, some urine can get into the urethra and settle there. This is why you should wash every day. Precum also washes the urine out.
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