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Default Re: Man...I Need Some Help

I wouldn't reccomend Cialis or Viagra as you don't have any problems with getting a hard-on (I'm guessing).

1) there is no way to make your penis bigger at all, longer or fuller. No techniques, no lifts (because the penis isn't a muscle). The only real thing to make it feel like it's gonna explode is to get real horny, altho it only feels that way for that one time.

The only sure way of making your penis bigger during puberty is to wait it out. Your body will grow by itself based on its genes - all you have to do is eat right and sleep to get the most out of your genes!

2) To shoot more cum, the best bet is to drink more water and wait a couple of days between jackin off. Some guys like taking supplements, such as zinc or calcium. This would actually work because cum contains both of those!

Tho the best bet is to drink more water and wait a couple of days. I don't know how make it shoot farther, that usually comes later in puberty, altho you can experiment with your PC muscles (they flex when you pee)
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