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Originally Posted by mynameisjane View Post
idk theres some kinds of porn i've come across where the girls seem to be getting raped, or at least they want it to look like that. like, they held her down and did things to her and she was crying. those kinds are disturbing to me and if anyone finds out they get off on that kind, i can see how they'd want to try that themselves. without porn, would they know that they got off on that?
Actually, yeah. I mean, the fetish comes before the porn site...if there weren't gay people, we wouldn't have gay porn! Some guys probably got off on this and decided there should be a site for it, so they created it.
Plus, some might think it's a good alternative as they may get off on it but not be a rapist. (Tho this can go both ways)

Originally Posted by mynameisjane
and even though most people look at porn at one point or another, is that desire to see it again what makes it perverted? i'm not sure if its natural to want to watch people having sex because it was an aquired taste to me and i'm sure most people feel odd watching it for the first time. i feel like i should feel ashamed of myself enough to not watch it.
Yeah, it is. If you believe in evolution, it would probably be natural to see sex happening in the caves or where ever we decided to sleep.
It's strange to view porn for the first time, but most just keep coming back...

For the text I bolded, I say no. Porn isn't exactly perverted - different types serve different tastes. Some may see obscene even to the porn world, but porn is accepted in some way in our society, so it's not exactly being a my mind, you're only a prevert if you're obsessed with something that's unreal. tho I have some other opinions on that too, I don't want to talk too much
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