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Originally Posted by MoveAlong View Post
ok, well I think we can stop the rudeness in this thread. Andy was being nice - at least he was in good faith even tho he was wrong. No need to bash him for that.
andy? which one is that? the only one i know is "" can you please tell me when he got into play because i dont understand. (haha thats the exact opposite if "huh?") and also im not trying to be rude. im just being judgemental becuase debate and my debate team is one of the things i enjoy to do.

Originally Posted by Chrono View Post
What does me criticizing you guys and me not reading the fine print have to do with each other? Excuse me for seeing "Marijuana is not addictive" in giant letters and assuming it meant the article was about that. My point still stands that weed isn't a physically addictive drug. And I still think that if you haven't experienced it, you shouldn't preach to me about it.

And also I dont know why you keep going on about how there are people in the hospital from it and how it fucks people up so bad because there haven't been any deaths due to just smoking marijuana in history.

Marijuana has several positive aspects, it has healing agents in it. It is also prescribed to those who are chronically ill. It has been shown that people with HIV/AIDS have a decreased appetite and smoking marijuana gives them the "munchies", therefore solving that problem. It has also been proven to stop pain in people with chronically painful illnesses.
same thing like you said i have never experienced it so i cant talk. well same thing with the proof or the evidence. you cant say you have proof of something when you did not fully thorougly read the text. also please tell me what you classify what is addictive so we can be on similar pages because it seems like were looking in on two different spectrums. I keep bringing up the hospitalized people because it is one of the important "aspects" of the down side tp marijuana. thanks for telling me the positive aspects becasue i actually infact read that article (i know i was really mean there and i apologize in advance. im just tring to be an ass becuase im in that mood right now ) and umm let see whatelse....this is starting to turn into a real debate and hopefully it will end soon! but i have to dig in my bag of tricks to pull out so cons and basically "disses"
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