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well, porn is illegal, but thats just an assurance to those dumb activist parents... porn in no way is gonna make you a rapist, and it does not contribute to the growth of raping, since people that have mental problems are normally the ones who rape, and its not like the porn caused the mental illness... Porn, is like the one thing everyone looks at at one point in their life... it may make woman looks slutty, trampy, etc, but men also degrate themselves with it. Its the sluts/tramps decision to pose for porn and what people need to realize is that the rest of the population isnt like that.... Porn isnt addictive, like smoking, its just like a burger, you control whether or not you want to eat it, it all depends on will power. How much porn you look at does not determine whether or not you are a pervert either, it all depends on how horny you are that day becuz of those dang hormones
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