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Originally Posted by Greyson View Post
I normally do it around 10-11 PM once I know my parents are asleep. I find this a wonderful time because unless you have paranoid parents, they aren't going to come annoy you at 11:00 PM. I also normally keep my boxers down at my ankles/knees so if I here them coming I can just pull them up quickly.

Oh by the way, the mistake in your signature is the ninth one that reads "This i a signature"
You're right! Oh, and, that won't work for me, I have a little 8 year old brother. Through I do pull my penis out and spitstroke to some things on teh interwebs soemtiems... when I KNOW they're not coming in. But my bro doesn't go to sleep until around 12:00-1:00 AM. Oh, and I wear briefs. yeah. I'm not kewl.
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