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Default Re: What is a Vibrator? And what does it look like?

unless these people have one.. they shouldnt really be telling you..

i do have one.. and a strapon..

vibrators come in tons of different shapes, sizes, widths, colors and textures... usually in a sex store youd have to be 18 to buy them..but in a few stores in the mall (spencer gifts) you dont have to be.. but there they have to label them as "personal massagers". now i bought one for my friend that was just under 5in and it was hot pink.. slick with a narrowed end..

like i said.. they all vary it depends on what you want and what you want it for since different people use them differently.

they dont always look like a penis..

and a vaginal vibrator is not only 2 1/2 inch long.. itd get stuck and youd have trouble getting it out.. not good! the 2 1/2 inch long thing is called a clit stimulator..

a vibrator should not be left in during sexual intercourse because wther your straight or gay or lesbian.. during then.. your partner would enter you.. you can use it during foreplay but not during the actual act.

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