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Default Re: Is it gay if it's on the cheek?

Originally Posted by JacksonMyChemiclRomance View Post
Didnt mean to offend I thought some1 made a big deal of it just for attention. Not knowing it was u. I am suprised that even in the united states the most gay friendly union in the world still has people getting away with things like that ok its always going to be there but i thought most people would shout them down. In Scotland gay people arnt even concidered as human beings they are descrimanated in clubs, jobs, and even just going to the pub so scotland is not the place t come out in. In saying that not every1 reacts like that just the ones with the loudest voices.
Same thing in America. When people get their jobs and priveleges turned away, though, they don't say it's because they're gay. They think of another "reason" to fire them or whatever.

No, if I wanted attention I'd be posting in Puberty 101 saying a beetle crawled out of my penis (winks at Hyper)

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