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Originally Posted by An Invited Nightmare
Originally Posted by Shaolin
Sounds like your trying to show people how you feel by hurting yourself.

This reminds me of a true story my half sister told me about a patient in the psychatric ward she worked in as a nurse.

This woman was always, very euphoric feelnig. Her emotions were unstable and she would often make suicidal gestures. One day, to the horror of the nurses that worked there, they found her on the floor dead with her guts all over and blood pooling. My sister was obviously horrified by this and a male nurse with her fainted from shock.

After calling for an ambulance (this is a psychatric hospital, and she had huge wounds in her stomach) my sister noticed something very strange.

THe guts didn't look right, they were smaller than normal human intestines. She looked carefully and noticed...the woman was still breathing. The guts were not human, but pig. The woman had feined her death.

She had done this to herself, just so tehy would feel that way. That was not acceptable. This person had had no harrasment from anyone. They decided to ignore any attention seeking behaviour this woman took part in, because that is not the way normal people in society should conduct themselves to express their feelings.

So please, don't cut yourself to make others feel bad about you. If you want sympathy tell them how you are feeling. Cutting yourself is not an option to express yourself, or to HIDE from emotional pain....
maybe it sounds like that

but i have not shown anyone.

i feel like i deserve it ... and have not told anyone for a long time about it... oh well...

thanks for the help anyways...

You dont deserve it... no one does... and the reason we cant show it is because these sort of pictures can be triggering and can make others want to cut themselves...

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