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Ok, neat!

Though as far as I can tell, only me and Carmine are using the custom titles. I checked the member's list.

Originally Posted by Kiros View Post
I think I know why the faces disappeared... Since I had to create a new Usergroup for this, the user ranks were lost for those members with equal to or more than 2500 posts (plus date/reputation criteria). I'm not sure how I'm going to solve this problem because I can give everyone the normal 2500+ face, however, I think I would need to create a new Usergroup for each custom face. Maybe just a rank, or maybe I can use HTML in the user title to insert an image... I'm not entirely sure (if you haven't already noticed) but I'll experiement.
That's what I thought happened. Although, the 2,500 face is hard to customize and custom faces usually start at 5k, not 2.5k.
PMing the GovAdmins might also be good, since they have at least 40+ members with those custom faces

The real point everybody wants to make is take your time =]

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