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Originally Posted by mynameisjane View Post
yes, that answers it. but i didnt think of him as someone i should avoid. i mean, sure he's kinda perverted and always says things to make me feel uncomfortable, but idk, what do you think his excuse? idk i almost started dating him because he claims to actually want a relationship and claims he'd be willing to wait for sex. but then he decided he liked a girl with bigger breasts more than me after i spent all this time with him. judging by our mutual friends, i thought all guys are perverts but are only like that when theyre around other guys.
The problem that we have is that in your first post, you told us about the bad things that he does. (talks about sex, acts like a pervert, thinks about porn and fetishes, etc.) Now you have to tell us the good things about this guy. How could we possibly make a good judgment of him if we don't have the info??? You have to weigh the differences between his good and bad habits. In the end, only you know about this person better than we do, and only you can make the decision whether he's a nice guy or not.

But what I can say is that any guy who even considers sex at a premature time is most likely someone that's too eager to get inside you. In a relationship, things should be taken one step at a time.

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