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Originally Posted by serial-thrilla View Post
sorry andy, i love marijuana as much as the next stoner but im living proof that it can get addictive. however i can put priorities before getting high. Thats why i believe it isent much of a problem for me. Thankfully if i ever wanted to quit i would be able to do so easily because it has no physically addicting effects on you. I also find it hilarious reading these kids comments on what they think they know about weed and its addictive effects. Get some experience or dont argue against it. Ive never traveled into space and im not about to argue with an astronaut about space shuttles and what not. Just like the people who have probably never seen weed in their life preaching from their vast amounts of
i really dont want to start on this one but like i said before eventhough i have not allowed my self to go through that illegal output i know what it can do to some people!

Originally Posted by Chrono View Post
lol i didn't even read the article i just saw marijuana is not addictive in giant letters. But i mean if you think about it, anything can be addictive, but marijuana doesn't have any physical addictiveness like crack or heroin or cigarettes. That's my point.

lol i agree completely
then why are you critisizing me and zach when you DID NOT EVEN READ THE FINE PRINT? were you in a hurry of some sort or were you "stoned"?

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