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Default Re: padded push-up bras

because girls with a nicer body get noticed more. and if a guy i havent met notices me, he might start talking to me. we might get to know eachother and maybe get to liking eachother's personality. if he really likes my personality, what does my bra size matter? and i dont intend on having sex with a guy unless we're in love and we've been together for a couple months, so would it really be a big deal when it finally comes off?

isnt a padded push-up bra the same concept as make-up? girls put on mascara to make their eyelashes look bigger, lipgloss to make their lips look plumper, and concealer to hide their flaws. both are artificial ways to look better for a while and come off later. so why is makeup more accepted than a padded push-up bra?
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