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Originally Posted by Xull View Post
...Why do parents get you cut?...Is there a reason why parents choose to cut their kid?
Main topics for circumcision may be religion, tradition, hygiene, health or education/opinion.

Religion: Jewish lads usually get cut, as it's part of their religion. I believe some other religions do this do.

Tradition: This may be because the family has a history of being circumcised.

Hygiene: It's said that cut cocks are easier to clean that uncut cocks...well, if you don't even care enough about your bud to clean him, then that's the case. Tho it is pretty easy to clean. The hygiene thing is an opinion.

Health: there might be something wrong with the foreskin. In this case, the circumcision is recommended by a doctor.

Personal Education/Opinion: This may be lack of, or opinion. The feeling of the foreskin gliding is something that cut guys will never experience, which is another thing that adds on to masturbating and sex. Altho some parents don't know this.
Some other opinions might the way the penis looks/appears, or fear of problems that might occur with the foreskin in the future.

There's probably some others, but those are the ones I can come up with off the top of my head.
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