Thread: Is Porn Wrong?
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Default Re: is porn wrong?

Porn isn't neccessarily bad, but there's different opinions.

Personally, I think it's fine if 1) it's good quality 2) you aren't in any chats and 3) not signing up with any memberships.

That guy sounds like a weirdo tho
There's many people worried that they're addicted or may become addicted to porn. Don't worry about that tho, as long as you have a life outside of porn, you aren't gonna be talking about sex or porn that much!

Just keep playing sports, watching TV, staying active, getting ok grades, and having a good social life. Those things are a sure-fire way to prevent you from getting any sort of addiction!

Tho, I don't exactly promote porn because we're underage and this is an underage site under a network...
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