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Default Re: Is it gay if it's on the cheek?

Originally Posted by JacksonMyChemiclRomance View Post
I'm up for it and back to the point of the poll sounds to me like that the one kid who made a big deal of it is just really imuatre compared to everyone else and well depending were u live in the world they are more relaxed about homosexuality
That immature kid would be me. I can say some rude things right now but I won't... because that would be immature.

No matter how it might have seemed to you I didn't mean to make a big deal out of it. I wasn't saying "Omg i liek kissed a boi but olny on teh cheek am i gay or str8??!??!!?!?!?!" What I wanted this thread to be about was a discussion on how people tend to react to that certain degree of affection- if society is uptight and disapproving of it or only if some people are. It was meant to spark discussion, not just me having a melt down.

And no, the United States is still uptight about homosexuality. You always get people calling others "fags", calling everything "gay" in place of the word "stupid".. like being gay isn't simply natural, it's like a retardation of some sort. And if the United States were relaxed about homosexuality then I would be allow to marry anyone I wanted when I turned 18 without leaving my home state.

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