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Default Re: nothing's going right

Originally Posted by CryingEye666 View Post
people say things have to get really worse, before they can get better. well it seems my life cant get any worse, but nothing is getting better at all. i need help. no psycho psychatrists. they suck my ass. kiss my ass world. im all alone, i have no confidence in asking this girl out as i mentioned before in another thread. i just cant take it. i have a few friends that would miss me if i died. but who else would care? .. well who else would even notice? no one really. my life sucks so much
Be glad you have friends, and like ppl have told you before just ask her out.. And if you really don't have the confidence, then ask yourself why, and try to ''fix'' whatever bothers you about yourself..

Look I know alot about the confidence issue so just PM me..

I'm tough, rough, ready and able
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