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Default Yes, they need a good swift kick in the "you know where"!

I have researched this biological component myself. I have also known that through google you can actually find brain scans that show various brain scans with different diagnosis. Also, seretonin(how you feel) affects migraines, Parkinsons, alchohol dependence, blah, so it proves that several neurotransmitters are involved in physical illnesses as well as mental.

Also, buspar and Zoloft most of the time makes me feel good, sometimes very up there excited, confident, HAPPY-too happy, talkative and the mild or moderate lows it seems to keep them from going lower than low.

Bipolar II and III doesn't usually requite hospitilization, but I do not reccoment anyone with any mental illness, especially bipolar to decide that they "feel fine" (when they're manic) because this is very dangerous.I may be religious, but I am not too proud to be taking three different meds!

Does anyone else like Lamictal?
I understand that age does affect side effects!
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