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Unhappy Ugh..

why do things seem to never work out. honestly. All i do is try to be a good person and friend and nothing seems to go right for me. I had liked this girl, and wasted my enitire junior year tryin to get her to like me, and what do i get? she had a "thing" for my best friend the entire time. and to make it better she tells me she had liked me when we first met, when i wasnt interested in her like that. just great. a whole school year wasted... i jsut dont want it to be summer cause i usually dont get to see nearly as many people as i like and im just goin to be alone. nobody again. i really never thought i was that bad. i jsut dont want to leave high school without someone everyone else. im just really scared im goin to feel as bad as i did a few weeks ago, crying every day in my car, and just driving for hours alone to not think about things. i really just want to be with someone so bad. errr.i guess im honestly just not good enough. the last time i had a girlfriend was sixth friggin grade, when u didnt have to be perfect for someone to like u. wth. i really hate this so much. fasfasdfasd
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