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Originally Posted by Illuminator View Post
That being said though, wouldn't you find it hard respecting someone who should, according to their holy text, hate everything you are for no reason other than their god says so?

The scripture never says that you should hate atheists. Never.

And just as it is hard to respect someone that "hates you because their god says so" (as you have put it), it is just as hard to respect someone who calls you delusional, retarded, stupid and oh-fuck-religious-people who believe in God. It is just as hard to respect some people who hold you accountable for actions that you have not committed and who point at you because they hear of priests that have abused people, as if it is your fault.

Originally Posted by Illuminator View Post
You assume that atheists push to spread atheism. While this would be a good thing for most atheists, it is generally accepted that religion will next to never die out completely. Instead, the atheist movement pushes the spread of equality.
Your reasoning is flawed. By your reasoning, religious people shouldn't be intolerant as they know they would never be outnumbered and that religion will always prevail. But in spite of this, some are still intolerant.
Just as atheists know that religion will next to never die out completely, but some of them still push the spread of anti-theism.

Originally Posted by Illuminator View Post
Do you see the difference here? Atheists 'preach' equality in lifestyle and for the separation of church and state while christians (as stated in the bible) should be trying to convert the entire population to a singular lifestyle. Atheists don't say that you can't be christian (they may say it is illogical etc. but the majority of atheists would still not support making religion illegal), but christians do say you can't be atheist.
So all atheists are angels that preach 'equality' but all Christians are bad and oppressive. Unreasonable or what?
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