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who said i was religious?

and things change in a decade just like you said I will change. and also eventhough i am young I have the balls to stand up for my morals and keep to them. I will NEVER EVER do drugs and that is a fact. I KNOW it because I just do. WTF. And i know people that have done the same. my orch teacher for instance lol! and well maybe its different where you live becuase i see people all the time askin for money to get accsess (or how ever you spell it) to drugs. I know it becuase i have been approched multiple times. and its not because im rich or anything becusase i did live in the ghetto (for the first 12 years of my life) its becuase the people are addicted and they are at that present time "stoned"! oh and to add to that earlier post my mom works in a hospital and she sees people all the time that whatever.

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