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Dude i live in the goddamn ghetto. We are poor as shit, the guy next door to me sells drugs, there are shootings a lot, gang members live on my street and yet i never see anyone going around saying they'll do anything for weed. The only stuff like that you see is about hard drugs like meth, crack, heroin, angel dust, etc. I think in a shit hole like this, if people were that set on getting weed i would know about it.

And plus i never said that you would do weed. I just said you might change your mind. I used to be the same as you about it. If i heard about someone doing it i was thoroughly appalled and disgusted and scared about it. Face it, you'll change as you get older, and so might your stand point against marijuana. Again im not saying you will, just you might.

and wtf? Just cause it was made in 1997 makes it less credible? What about the bible? That was written thousands of years ago and people still listen to that. Just cause it was written in 1997 does not change FACTS! If you look it says that there have been THOUSANDS of studies recorded over 2-4 DECADES! How can thousands of studies all yielding similar or same results be wrong?
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