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Originally Posted by True_Liberal View Post
I'm sorry but I'm tired of religion persecuting minorities ( blacks, gays, non believers, etc) since the beginning of time. After thousands of years of religious intolerance, I refuse to give any respect. That is my view.

And if you want to argue you are arguing with a gay non believer who has been bullied by the religious.
Originally Posted by StoppingTime View Post
Not all religious people are like this, so to stereotyping is just as bad as what some of them are doing.
Originally Posted by Bogumil View Post
my whole family supports gays, choice, non-religious people, blacks, etc. i don't really know what you are talking about "religion."

whether people believe in a religion or not, we know what is moral in our minds.
Originally Posted by DoNotStandUp View Post
You need to stop saying that all Religious people force their Religions onto others and are homophobes/racists.

If I said that "I'm so sick and tired of Atheists shoving their beliefs down my throat!" You'd be attacking me... but it's fine the other way around?
Just pointing out, those two sentences were separate...

He did not say 'I'm tired of all you darn religious people persecuting minorities', he said he was tired of religion as a whole persecuting minorities, which if you actually read the texts of the judeo-abrahamic religions you will see is true whether you agree with it or not. I very much believe the statement about lack of respect was toward the religion rather than the person. That being said though, wouldn't you find it hard respecting someone who should, according to their holy text, hate everything you are for no reason other than their god says so?

In the next sentence he went on to say he had been bullied by religious people. There is nothing there stereotyping religious people, only observation of scripture and history.

Originally Posted by DoNotStandUp View Post
Listen, it's NOT all of the people of a certain Religion/Faith that's shoving it down people's throats, it's certian people that happen to be from that Religion. People of Muslim, Judaism, Hinduism, Christianity and Atheism all do it. It has NOTHING to do with the Religion at all.

By you saying that "Christians need to stop x" it's making generalizations and makes you look like a bigot. It's just as bad.

Like I said before: You can't have a double standard and expect one-way respect.
You assume that atheists push to spread atheism. While this would be a good thing for most atheists, it is generally accepted that religion will next to never die out completely. Instead, the atheist movement pushes the spread of equality.

Do you see the difference here? Atheists 'preach' equality in lifestyle and for the separation of church and state while christians (as stated in the bible) should be trying to convert the entire population to a singular lifestyle. Atheists don't say that you can't be christian (they may say it is illogical etc. but the majority of atheists would still not support making religion illegal), but christians do say you can't be atheist.

As for 'christians need to stop x', if it is in your text (thus why they are doing and technically all christians should) and it is morally abhorrent then I am damn well going to say you should stop.

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