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Originally Posted by Chrono View Post
that's about cigarettes i have no desire to smoke cigarettes and i never will, i have nothing against those who do though. Also, how does that pertain to smoking weed anyways?

And also a lot of people who are like HEY DONT SMOKE WEED ITS BAD!! in this thread have never smoked it before and if you haven't i really couldn't give a shit about your advice because you have no idea what it is like and what effects it has, the only information you have about it is what others tell you. So if you don't smoke weed or never have (that means actually gotten high off of it) please don't tell me its bad or that i shouldn't do it, cause i really could care less
Yes, I cant go off anything becuase I have never done it before and NEVER will. But I can go off of people laying helplessly in hosptals or people who are on the streets doing anything to get 20 dollars to get a fix. Thats who I can go off of and I think that is damn good enough information for me to protect myself from a fate that most (not all) who actually does this illegal drug end up at. If you want to smoke and put yourself in a potential situation to end up like that then go ahead. Also that thread about cigarettes is an example of someone coming to oneself's senses before making a life altering decision. But with you I guess it is a little too late. And then why did you post on here asking "why is it so bad" if we dont know what were talking about becuase the answer that your gonna get is mostly from people that never have and will do that. In the future maybe put something like "people that have smoked pot before only"!

And thats me getting judgemental!
Im sorry if I offended.

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