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Exclamation Re: A question, guys and girls welcome.

Ok...I think everybody here needs a clarification of what "coitus" means. From Wikipedia's article on "Sexual intercourse," redirected from "Coitus:"

Vaginal sexual intercourse, also called coitus, is the human form of copulation. While its primary purpose is the reproduction and continued survival of the human species, it is often performed exclusively for pleasure and/or as an expression of love and emotional intimacy. Sexual intercourse typically plays a powerful bonding role; in many societies it is normal for couples to have frequent intercourse while using birth control, sharing pleasure and strengthening their emotional bond through sex even though they are deliberately avoiding pregnancy.

Most of the time you will need to perform coitus in order to produce a baby. An exception is when you ejaculate on the skin near the vagina, and then the semen enters the female's body.

Does this help?

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