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Default Re: I don't know what to do!

Originally Posted by xCaliiGurlx View Post
Yeh... me and my sister went to the doctor 2 days ago. Yeh, turns out I'm not pregnant. The doctor said I should take the morning after pill and then the test. We got the test, and I'm not pregnant. I have also dumped my ex-boyfriend. We had a huge fight, but I don't care about him anymore, he is a real jerk, and I'll make sure no other girl goes through what I have. Thanks for the help.
Yes, congratulations! You were really brave in doing what you just did!!! It's a good thing you're not pregnant, too. I hope you will be able to enjoy your life again.

About the sentence I just underlined, there are many ways to send your message across. There are many forums and web sites you can help out on, but everybody knows the best way to send the message: WIKIPEDIA!!!

Hi. I'm Romeo. Nice to meet you! This isn't my real name, in case you were wondering. I will always be here on my computer if you need any advice.

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