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Default Re: Odd Question Maybe

Originally Posted by ThatCanadianGuy View Post
Ok....well good luck with that. I have noticed that most guys get at least one erection everytime they go swimming (even if they had no physical or visual stimulation). We just get REALLY hard for some reason and it's horribly embarassing.

P.S. A tip for you brittbritt:

Look for guys in the pool that are staying in the water (not getting out to dive or w/e for a long time) cuz that's how we hide it. Oh my God I have no idea why I'm helping you lol.
i think that is the water temp
when its just the right temp and kind of shiver a bit then i get a little hard but not much it just may be just water...idk

and also the sweatpants is an EASY way to see. and i have also noticed some girls looking down when im holding my books to the side and just randomly says something about my math book... O_o

especially when shes looking straight and not to the side.... doublo weird....

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